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Evening guys,

Just wanted to know what effect(s) does it make if you change the alternator to a higher or lower output from the factory model.

Had a chat with a few people (all non electrical background) said that it would be a good choice to run higher if the car runs with bigger audio system and there was another answer that said it be good to run with a slightly low output so the air-con compressor wont work so hard or makes the car feels "heavy". I have no clue at all what's good or not good.

How about full blown track/drag cars setup?



It's not uncommon to swap to an alternator with a higher current output for cars with serious stereo systems where the stock alternator may not be able to keep up. There is little real effect on the rest of the engine performance since the alternator output is regulated so the actual voltage is always held relatively constant. If you're really demanding high current from the alternator then it may place more load on the engine as it will be drawing more power through the drive belt in order to do its job.

with a AEM CDI and cop coils running, Wideband, EGT sensor with gauges and all that stuff,

my stock alternator 80amp was heaving problems on idle to run it.

voltage in pclink was 11.8volt.

Now I run a Black Advance 150Amp alternator in my car, volt is now 14.05.

And engine runs much smoother, and all voltages are normal.

When you run electronic waterpump and elec fans, it's really needed, as they draw all of them some amps :)

Noted and thanks for the replies Andre and Gojira.

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