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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Hey ive been wondering how to make a cut off with a bang and how to change the idle on antilag make it faster or slower or change the tone in our country every tuner does this is there a course about it or anyone can explain how to do it and how to make the bang on the antilag more loud any help and thanks (on link ecu )

Andre explains how you go about setting up an anti-lag system and also how to adjust settings in this webinar:

if you need to know anything else then ask away

thanks mate i viewed this webinar but this is not what i want

I haven't watched the webinar but if you want louder bangs, increase the fuelling on the anti-lag table (or decrease fuel cut, whatever strategy your ecu employs).

You can adjust the idle quality of the Link antilag system by adjusting the amount of air being bypassed and then adjusting your cyclic idle limit. If you want to get more involved, you can use the advanced mode to adjust the limit effect.

okay thanks a lot pete_c and andre but another question if the anti-lag is off how can tuners make a bang on an rpm about 6500 to 7000 or make cut off sound very quick any ideas (without antilag ) on link g4+ storm

Do you mean on overrun?

First you need to look at your options in the ecu around fuelling, I'm not familiar with yours but you should be able to see an option where you can turn the injectors on/off on overrun(when the pedal is lifted after accel) Make sure the injectors don't close(turn off) on throttle lift and you will get excessive fuel go into the exhaust on overrun.

Before going any further do a couple of runs watching your main fuel table and turn trace on so you can see exactly what sites the ecu enters when you lift off the throttle, to increase the pops and bangs add fuel and cut ignition in these sites. Be careful you don't adjust sites you would see when driving normal or that you see going WOT through all gears.

I think I remember Andre briefly touched on these on one the tip in enrichment webinar.

thanks a lot pete i have a last question today i put my laptop on my car that another tuner have tuned it before and there a password lock ive entered logging but the ecu keep telling me on the time plot no data how can i see or make a time plot that i can see graph like andre did in the 350z or because it is a locked tune that i can"t access to the logging or see any data ?

And this is a picture what i mean

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Can you get in touch with the previous tuner for the password? If not, send the ECU manufacturer an email and they can/should be able to unlock it for you

An okay yes i can talk to the tuner but the logging no data its because password activated ?

it depends on what way the ecu gets locked via the password. If I password protect mine it shows xx for all values.

By cutting ignition you mean in the sites where the pedal is lifted after acc ?

Yes, but be careful what sites you adjust, make sure you don't see them in normal driving.

Pete thanks a lot my friend one last question by the word cutting ignition you mean retard the ignition right ?

Yes. Just lower ignition until you get the desired effect.

You may find that just disabling the injector shut off on decel gets you the effect you want, depends on how rich you are on WOT and how hot the exhaust gets