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Hey guys,

I'm not sure this is the right place for it, but i want to make sure i'm doing the safest thing for the engine.

I've installed a gps on my car (525 hp on pump gas) with the capability to remotely activate/deactivate a device to shutdown the car if its stolen.

What is the safest thing to do that will not cause harm to the engine:

1) Trip out the fuel pump relay?

2) Trip out power to the ECU?


If the ecu has a separate kill switch/ignition input to its power supply that would be best as it will shut down in sequence and there is no risk of an over advanced ignition discharge at high load. Cutting fuel supply without a fuel pressure engine protection setup/knock control presents a risk. In reality the risk is low but best practice would be using the appropriate ecu functionality.

So, cutting the power to the ignition is the safer thing to do.


If you're using an aftermarket ecu you might also find many brands have an anti-theft function which can be controlled via a digital input or in some cases (Maxx ECU) bluetooth off your phone.

Note, just dropping relay power to coils can result in random spark timing which isn't good but a single knock is probably better than a stolen car.

Thanks for the information guys, that was very helpful