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Any gotchas to this knock sensor mounting solution?

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See attached image. I’ve found this Toyota adapter that would work for my Honda to mount the donut style knock sensor to my factory sensor location. Are there any gotchas with using this instead of me having to turn down my own adapter? Main difference I can see is that using the attached adapter the inner 6-7mm of the sensor won’t contact the block. The rest of the sensor up to it’s full diameter would be against the block. If I made my own adapter I could make it so the sensor contacts my adapter for the full diameter however then the sensor would have the adapter between it and the block which probably has some drawback to it as well.

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Hello i often tune with this set up and i find it perfect

Regards Ross


Hi Ross, when you use this adapter to fit the donut knock sensor do you bottom it to the block (finger tight)? I think it should be bottomed as the bottom of it seems intentionally flat and unthreaded specifically for this purpose but thought worth double checking with you.

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