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Hey HP academy just wanted to ask if there was any talks or plans to maybe include a transmission course ether manual or auto for people who would like to rebuild transmissions? or not enough interest?

Cheer's Johnny

Cheaper and easier to have a transmission shop do the work, to many parts that are all different between models also. By the time you pull out the box and buy all the components to put it back together, works out better value to have a transmission shop do the work, get warranty also.

With some older transmissions it is relatively simple but with modern-ish automatic, automated manual and dual clutch transmissions things are very, VERY complex and really specialist jobs. Even some of the more basic transmissions need pullers, presses, etc, and often special tools to re-build.

Heck, often cheaper - but more annoying - to simply buy a new replacement or at least a guaranteed/warranted exchange unit.

What transmission(s) exactly are you looking at?

Hey guys,

Yes totally understand where both of you are coming from seems like money is a big factor.

In my town we have no transmission shops 3 hour drive to get to one i have rebuild a few Holden 4l60e Autos before just would be nice to see a professional do it.

Thanks anyway.

Sorry for the slow reply John. Unfortunately in the forseeable future we aren't planning on any courses covering mechanical aspects.

I'd rather see courses about the TCM tuning side of things ;)

Beeing involved in some projects latelty, that sure is a topic many don't know their way around.

Not so much repair/rebuilding transmissions, and I might have missed one, but perhaps a review of the importance of the gearbox and differential in the process of applying the achieved power to the ground might be in order as stall speed, rpm drops, off throttle time for manual transmissions, etc, are as important in overall performance as the power/torque levels and curves.

Some modern ECUs are now being used to control the automatic/automated shift points with some vehicles, like the Dodge Hellcat and Demon, even allowing the driver to alter them?

John, my advice to you would be to grab a selection of manuals. The manual for the car you are working on (get an actual Holden manual not an Ellery) but also look up the ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) who produce rebuilding guides for autos. My own 4L60E gave up the ghost 2 weeks ago, I rushed and fitted one from a wrecker (it is quite hard to find a 4L60E for a VS V6) but will be rebuilding my old one sooner rather than later.

I am considering getting Sonnax parts (not cheap) for mine as I want it to eventually be used behind an L67 but for now it will just be sitting behind a bog stock ecotec.

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