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Autoplay videos on iOS devices e.g. iPad, iPhone?

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I take every opportunity to catch up with the webinars and re-watch my purchased courses - often on my elliptical trainer in the mornings! That means I use my iPad to access the website...

Is there a way to have an iOS device autoplay the selected video? Right now, I select a module, the page loads with a "play" button in the middle of the video frame. I tap "play", and immediately the video starts and pauses! I then have to tap "play" in the video player controls!! I've attached in photos the sequence I go through for every video.

Given the modules are so short (I know there's another ahead on that point) I spend more time tapping next, play etc than I do watching the videos, a real shame as I LOVE the content.

Is this a Safari browser issue? I note I have to login every time I visit too, which seems odd; most websites give you the option of remembering details.

Now, if you'd release an app to access your courses, that would be AWESOME!!

Thanks for listening :-)

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I'd like to second this request, though not device specific. Autoplay would be lovely.

First up I would suggest you use chrome instead of safari and also make sure you're on the most recent version. We have had multiple requests for autoplay and this is on our developer's to-do list. Apologies for the hassle in the mean time.

Good to know auto play is on the list. I would definitely appreciate the functionality as well. Sometimes I listen to the courses while trying to fall asleep... I'm sure sounds really weird I listen to Andre's soothing voice to fall asleep but whatever works right? lol...

Great that auto play is on the list, thank you!

Not so good your suggestion to not use Safari... why would anyone develop a modern website that doesn’t work natively on a Mac? I’m not installing and using Chrome just for HPA, no matter how good your courses are!

Hey Mark, our website and courses do work on Safari and 99% of members have no trouble. We have found however that of all the available web browsers Chrome is the most stable. Most of the issues with browsers come from people not updating their browser of choice but if you're in the small percentage of members having a genuine issue with Safari it's not a big deal to download Chrome as well and that doesn't mean you need to use Chrome for all your browsing. Web browser choice is obviously a personal choice but as a mac user I still use Chrome over Safari as do the rest of our mac based staff.

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