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Autoplay videos on iOS devices e.g. iPad, iPhone?

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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I take every opportunity to catch up with the webinars and re-watch my purchased courses - often on my elliptical trainer in the mornings! That means I use my iPad to access the website...

Is there a way to have an iOS device autoplay the selected video? Right now, I select a module, the page loads with a "play" button in the middle of the video frame. I tap "play", and immediately the video starts and pauses! I then have to tap "play" in the video player controls!! I've attached in photos the sequence I go through for every video.

Given the modules are so short (I know there's another ahead on that point) I spend more time tapping next, play etc than I do watching the videos, a real shame as I LOVE the content.

Is this a Safari browser issue? I note I have to login every time I visit too, which seems odd; most websites give you the option of remembering details.

Now, if you'd release an app to access your courses, that would be AWESOME!!

Thanks for listening :-)

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