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Before & After intercooler temp data logging

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Hey guys,

I am looking for a way to datalog before and after intercooler temps to see the difference, I want it to be easily transferable to any intercooler and needs to be able to either visibly plot the data on a graph that I can see or in csv so I can open it in excel.

Any ideas?

hello I have used thermocouples pushed into the cooler pipes

and data logged in to the ECU using an amplifier

regards Ross

I use 2 EGT sensors straight into a LINK thunder. Works well.

Nigel they work great for sure but not so easy to transfer from one car to another

Regards Ross

I agree Ross. Which is your go to air temp sensor?

Id like to put one into the intake manifold head flange to see how fuel spray, low air speed and water temp effects air temp going into the head. Unsure if it would give me any usable results tho.