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Best fuel for drag application?

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Hello guys,

I have been building a drag racing car and i need to settle on one racing fuel, which is the best?! Q16, E99 or pump gas with some percentage of meth (30%>40%)?!

best fuel is methanol, but due to its corrosive nature and massive consumption its often not worth the hassle.

well unless you can use nitro-methane but i am yet to hear of a car running nitro apart from Top Fuel drag racing and model airplanes/cars, very extreme fuel.

all depends how much work before and after each meet you want to do and if cost is an issue.

yea josh is spot on, and the fuel type you can run will depend on how you build the engine too, hense the question i guess. If you wanted to use nitro meth, or meth make those considerations during the engine build. there will be some level of compromise given the CR changes etc you will need to run.. The guys here running in the 6-7 second bracket are using race blends like Q16 or E100 or 110, so what type of bracket are you aiming for? if its not faster than that you can probably just run a blend, and save some hassle.

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The best fuel is very dependent on your application. gasoline based fuels such as C16 and Q16 are great for high boost turbo applications, however in my own testing I found that E85 could match the performance of Q16 and was a significantly cheaper fuel. You also need to give some consideration to the fuel system requirements as alcohol based fuels will require a significant increase in fuel supply compared to gasoline based fuels.