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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Any Black Friday deals coming??? Like, say on the Reflashing course (hint, hint) ;)

It hadn't crossed our minds but you never know. If we do something around Black Friday we will send out an email notification to everyone :)

I'd love to see plex have some holiday deals, I want to pick up there knock monitor and there new uSDM so bad.

Dear ben_3rdshiftmotorsports,

Please don't make me ashamed to be an American. If you don't find any of the courses here useful or beneficial to invest in, simply don't purchase them. Take it upon yourself to spend 5, 10, 15+ years learning all of this through many trial and errors, regardless of their cost. Honestly, a destroyed race engine due to a tuning mistake may only cost what, $20,000 to $75,000 USD? No sense in trying a $1oo USD course to learn something new then, right?

Sorry for the rant everyone, but I've truly enjoyed what I've learned through this program and I don't take it for granted like someone owes it to me.




You know what they say about assume, right? Never assume, because ... well if you don't know the saying, you can look it up.

You see, you should have asked me a wether I've already bought classes here first before your lecture, as I am a gold member and have benefited greatly by their program and will continue to benefit by what the team have put together here.

My black Friday question is really a little playful/hopeful because they actually put on specials quite frequently on their courses, and the one class I referenced, they had a great deal on it and missed the deal and just thought I'd ask the question. I also thought being Kiwis, they probably weren't as mindful of the pervasiveness of black Friday deals, again, as they routinely put deals on their classes it might be a good excuse or opportunity for them to run a special.

Besides, you really shouldn't be ashamed by something I do!

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