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I was having a chat with a buddy last weekend and unfortunately another Honda b-series friend had another mishap.

This is the 2nd time happened to our other friend and i have not seen the damages on the 2nd engine.

Based on my buddy's update, there is a hole on the 2nd cylinder piston, some pieces probably went through the exhaust system. The head's combustion chamber was beyond repair on the 2nd cylinder.

The recipe for the 2nd engine was the same as the 1st blown engine but all internal parts were new. Another spare head and spare block were used.

On top of my head, did our other friend over revved it? Missed gear? or probably aggressive tuning?. Strangely the same similar incident happened on the 2nd cylinder on the same setup from the same workshop/garage.

What do you guys think?

Same injectors? Could be an injector or wiring issue perhaps and cylinder is going lean. Is the car turbo, nitrous or NA?

I would investigate the injectors and wiring too

Tommy & Chris250,

Same injectors and a modded 1.8L N/A. If he is planning for another engine,

i'll ask him to check the injectors and also wiring this time around. Pity 2 engines

less in a year. Thanks for the tips guys.


You can Get new injectors and test the wiring as well as sending them out to get cleaned and flow tested.

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