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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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I just wonder which books are informative regarding of tuning or engine building and modified?

I have the absolute conviction that the content of this website is absolute sufficient for everyone, but as you know some times when you have a free time you want to read some books so like this I asked regarding for the books.

I like both of the Greg Banish books for solid fundamentals on EFI tuning:


If you can find a copy of it, there was a VERY good book by the late Smokey Yunick called, IIRC, "Tuning for Power and Economy". I had a copy many, many years ago and it was 'borrowed', I've been looking for another copy ever since. Hmm, I may be mis-remembering that title, as I would have expected to have found a copy by now if it was correct...

I don't think it's been in print for years, but a VERY good read, written by one of the smartest people in motorsport, period!

Heck, anything he writes is great value!

For general motorsport I would recommend everything by the late carroll Smith is worth reading.

Both books have an American motorsport bias, but immensely informative on many, many levels.

Bosch Professional Automotive Information has published a book called " Gasoline Engine Management : Systems and Components". Author Konrad Reif.

"How to tune and modify automotive engine management systems" is a very comprehensive and well written book. I read a lot of engine management books and it seemed to be one of the most thorough ones.

A. Graham Bell

Forced Induction Performance Tuning

A Practical Guide to Supercharging and Turbocharging

First book i ever bought, and i find myself from time to time still reading in it.

Its very good book, with a brief history leasson and then on to everything about building and what to think about.

Very informativ and there is alot of math included to calculate your own your build along the way.

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