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Boost control not working

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Hello guys,

Today i have tuned a nissan patrol tb48 with a big garrett GT45 turbo, the kit has a small waste gate ( not sure about the size but i think 44mm ) without boost control the car runs on 1.4 bar boost so i have fitted an electronic boost controller and configure it on an motec m800 ecu, the problem is, the boost control is pulsing at idle but with low speed and when rpm goes up it stops pulsing and boost does not increase, does this has anything to do with the wastegate size? I have given it 20% more boost, could it have worked if i gave it more percentage?


It's probably easiest if you post your calibration so we can take a look. There's so many potential reasons for your boost control not functioning that it's hard to give you any useful suggestions without a little more info.

Hello Andre,

My setting is as the following:

Freq : 20Hz

Boost control starting at :110 kpa

Boost cutout at: 300kpa

Boost is duty cycled controlled

Proportional gain : 1.00

Min duty: 0

Max duty: 100

Aim boost:20%

The rest are all 0's

What ECU are you using?

Could you post the calibration from the ECU?


M800, it's in the first post ;-)


I cannot find the cal file of the M800 in the first post. What am I missing here.. can you point me to the link please ?

Post up your calibration and we will be happy to help.