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Bosch 2000 cc injectors

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On today’s webinar you spoke about the Bosch 2000cc injectors not being good for E85/E98 due to rubber o rings? and that is the injectors I have purchased and plan to run.Is there a solution to this with these injectors?

Pls tell me more info on them if you have time.

I was questing myself about running a fuel rail damper, Intel you spoke about it today, as soon as the webinar was over i ordered one for my build.

thank you for all the knowledge, I learned a lot today

There's no real solution to running E85 with injectors that aren't suitable, I know a lot of people would take the gamble but personally I wouldn't risk it.

What engine and what are your power goals as there are plenty of other options on the market, ID have recently released their all stainless ID1700's which are perfect for most high power builds

800 to 1000 hp are my power goals the id 1700 sounds sweet. its a 5 valve 3.0 cammed 10 to 1 stoker motor

The Bosch 2000 cc injectors in my own experience seem to be a little problematic if you're running anything other than pump gas. If I recall correctly they are actually designed as a CNG or LPG injector. It's well known that MTBE additive can cause the internal o-ring to swell, dropping flow. I've had trouble with cars running these injectors on e85 remaining consistent in their tunes so I prefer to avoid them.

I'd suggest the ID1700 or Siemebs 2200 as viable alternatives. Both are compatible with all fuels as far as I'm aware.

What an eye opener for me , it has really made me rethink a few things as far as my build goes. thanks for the response

One area to be aware of with the Siemens Deka 2200 injectors is that the non linear region (idle and light load) is very irregular in its shape, and can have very large changes in fuel delivery for a small change in pulse width. This can make the tuning of the engine in the low loads areas difficult and inconsistent.

What a mistake i have made, I could of bought the id 2000 or 1700 cc, and not even of had to worry due to them being so solid. My own saying is.... buy nice or buy twice/ when i do construction for homeowners who are only thinking about today / not the long run. I am now taking my own advice!

Interesting point BlackRex! The installations I've used the Siemens injectors in have typically been methanol/E85 and I've tended to have them operating in the linear region so I haven't seen this situation. It sounds similar to the weirdness offered by the old Bosch Indy Blue down around 1.5 ms operation - That was horrible for the tuner if you ever needed to run them down that low!

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