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Burnig up map sensors

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Has anyone ever had map sensors burning up and backfiring through the intake,

I have a nat gas boosted engine two turbos one per bank and left bank is burning the map sensors, intake boost piping is getting really hot i don't even have a load on the engine to make boost yet. this isn't a racing engine this is actually a nat gas generator but since this is an engine management site i figured id ask maybe some one ran into this issue tuning boosted applications. all of my parameters are in check commanded vs actual afr is on point. any ideas would be appreciated.

Do you have an air-to-air intercooler (with fan since it's a stationary application) between the turbo compressor and the intake? Does the intake piping have rubber-isolation sleeves are is it all metal?

Have you considered remote mounting the MAP sensor to isolate it from the heat -- two or three feet of -4 hose will keep a lot of heat out of the sensor.

just had my mechanics do a leak down on the bank. removed the rockers and brought each cyl to tdc and they found two heads leaking into the intake manifold. so it appears we have some bad heads , this explains allot, so remember guys if you have burning maps do a leak down test, and do some fuel system checks as well becaue lean condition also causes back fires.

Hey Ben, Andre, can you guys do a seminar on the proper way to do a leak down test because my guys had already done a leakdown on this unit and they did it wrong so that's why we missed it the first time.

Was going to suggest a leaking intake valve allowing combusting gases back into the intake, to ignite the charge there, as couldn't really see any other reason for the backfiring.