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Hi all

I have been playing with automotive network routers and can see a lot of potential for them. These are usually fitted to ambulances, police cars etc.

If you are not aware of these they are (in my ones case) a ethernet switch (four gigabit ports), wifi router, 4G router, GPS receiver and multiple IO ports (analogue and digital). The aerials for these can either be screwed directly in to the unit or via cable to an aerial on the roof.

So far I have done the following with mine -

GPS tracking of the car

Remote logging in to the car to do mapping, diagnostics etc.

My car has a small PC in it and it is connected to the Motec dash and ECU simultaneously via the ethernet switch, with room to spare for a ethernet connected Motec logger.

The car PC can also connect to the internet via the routers wifi and/or 4G modem.

The unit also passes on the GPS data to the PC so I can also use it for google maps.

Other bits I am planning -

Using the IO capability of the router for a rudimentary alarm system including sending SMS/emails to my phone when triggered.

Rudimentary telemetry as it also appear to be able to connect to the CAN bus...if not then it can definitely connect to a serial connection.

Has anybody else come across these devices before?

For reference my unit is a Sierra Wireless MP70.

The Sierra Wireless modems are pretty commonly used as cellular gateways by race teams to get live telemetry data from MoTeC loggers.

Interesting, never knew that.

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