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When completing the starter package or any courses HP academy provides, does the student receive a certificate of completion with there name to download? I would like to display this information in our lobby so the customers may see.


Yes. There is a form at the end of every course that you can fill out to get your certificate of completion.

I think it may be the only time that Ben is seen on camera. ;)

Yes absolutely! Whiteradam covered it nicely :)

Thanks. Sounds great!

also possible when you did ALL courses for an certain ECU, to get a final certificate like :

HP Academy Certified Link mapper , or something like that ?

How long does it normally take? I have been waiting about a month to receive mine.

just send an email to Ben or Andre, and they will send it tru email

These are processed in batches so often there is a delay but you shouldn't be waiting a month. I've just asked Ben to look into this for you. Apologies.

And what about my question André?

It's not something we have considered so far @Gojira. Ben and I will give it some thought though so thanks for the suggestion.

Really curious, would you like to keep me/us in the loop please ? :)

No problem Gojira :)

Got the certificate now. Thanks.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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