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Afternoon Guys,

I have some issues clamping the timing light gun and also the innovate rpm on to the 8mm NGK power cables.

The cable seems to be moving around the clamping area and i am getting a bad reading.

Any idea how to overcome this other than swapping to thicker cables cables?

Here is the photo of the cables:


Thanks guys.




Are you able to hold the cable secure in the clamp when using the timing light?

Also maybe try get a little bit of silicon hose and cut it down the side then slip it over the lead to increase its diameter. The clamp should still be able to pick up a signal easily enough.

Hi Chris,

I had to tilt/bend the cable in order for it to sit tightly inside the clamp. Else it will just keep moving.

I will give the silicon hose add-on a try. Thanks for the tip Chris.

Provided the clamp is around the ignition lead and it's clipped together I wouldn't expect to see issue from the clamp actually moving on the lead - They don't need to be tight on the lead.

I've had trouble in the past with the Innovate clamp being upset when you run the rest of the lead near parts of the ignition system so I'd also check that.

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