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Clutch slip nightmare

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After people's opinions. Just fitted a g30660 to my 2.1 stroker classic. She's quick! Fitted ethonal content sensor / bigger injectors / water meth etc just wanted a play and see what I can get out of it.

Anyways, I ordered the rts 500 ft pound paddle clutch as I didn't want the clutch in it to shit itself on the dyno (subaru pink box) when changing you could see cracks etc are the pink box has had a hard life. 🙃

The new clutch, I've driven it....50 miles around town. Seems to be OK. Go on to the open round and have it some boost to see how snappy it was with the lightened flywheel and it slips. I've driven it another 50 miles and it slips.

Anyone got any suggestions on if this clutch is toast? Will it grip one day? And if there a clutch you can fit and send same day without having to do 500 miles bedding in? I'm sure I just sent my pink box and it was mint!

Thanks guys

Surely twin plate is the answer. Lower the revs and cylinder count the more clutch you need for the power.

A bit leery about companies that state ft.lbs, which is work done, rather than the lbs.ft which is torque - but either is better than the "power"rating.

It is important that they are correctly fitted (esp' clearances), CLEAN (esp' ceramic/sintered), and the flywheel face is in very good order - it would seem to be in any way marginal, a light skim/grind would be advisable.

The company specifically states "**** 750 mile bedding in period required including town driving only. Not to be launched within 1000 miles. ****" this may have contributed to your problem, and if you didn't immediately back off, that will further compromise it - https://rtsperformance.co.uk/featured-products/performance-clutch-kits/ - near the bottom!

First thing I would suggest is contacting the supplier/manufacturer to see what they suggest, there's even a small chance you were supplied the wrong item. I don't know the company, but there are some that are a little (!) optomistic with their claims.

You don't mention the actual torque you believe the engine is able to produce, there is a chance the clutch is spec'd too low for your engine.

Micheal may be correct - there is a limit to the capacity of the pressure plate spring and friction material for any clutch diameter. You may be able to fit a stronger pressure plate spring, but that will increase the pedal effort, often significantly, put more load on the release bearing, and increase the loading on the crankshaft thrust bearing - especially at idle in traffic where the load is for longer and oil pressure is lower.

Twin plate clutches effectively double the clutch capacity for the same spring, or allow a lower rated spring for lighter pedal loads.

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