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Configuring Wheel speed sensors Hall efect and magnetic

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Hello everyone,

I write here because I have a problem configuring the OEM wheel speed sensors in a Motec C185 Dash or throught a G4+ ECU Link.

We are building a BMW race car, and we need some help to configure the OEM sensors. Front sensors are hall efect, and rear

sensors are magnetic. I have wired all sensors and we are trying to connect to Digital inputs on Motec Dash (63-66 pin), and

also to G4+ ECU link to Digital inputs DI1 to DI4, but without success. I put the calibration number on G4+, and all

the data (teeth and wheel diameter) on the Motec Dash considering the driveshaft has 48 teeth, but I have doubt:

Link ECU

When I connect to G4+, on running times values we see that the ECU tries to read the sensor, but I dont get a constant reading

Motec Dash

When I connect to Motec Dash, I dont know which hall Voltage threshold or magnetic level calibration I have to put. For Hall efect I dont know if I have to log the Voltage level prior to configure the sensors. For magnetic I dont know the magnetic levels of the sensor.

If I chose AV Speed input instead or Dig input (same pins 63 to 66) I have this three options:


Absolute voltaje

Variable resistance

Please let me know if someone can help me with this config.

Thanks and regards

To debug this you need an oscilloscope to look at the signal from the sensors.

Your sensors may be current-loop, and if so you will need to add a resistor so you can measure a voltage.

There was also a thread about some specific BMW sensor that folks had trouble using, on the MoTeC Support forum

I saw the Motec forum before, but it doen´st help to me. Can I use the logger on the Motec Dash to read the voltage using a pull up resistor from the dash also? In this case once we have the voltaje it is the threshold? And it is the same procedure for the Hall efect sensors?