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correct sensors for 13b enigine

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Hello Guys,

Please forgive me if this is adumb question, i have just joined HPA today and I'm building and FD RX7 in Dubai where there are very Few rotary cars so coming across information is not easy as there are not shops near buy that i can visit.

I have just purchased a haltech elite 1500 and a haltech terminated wiring harness. I want to buy water and air temp sensors that will thread into the FD engine and connect directly to the haltech supplied loom. can anyone advice what tpye of thread i need and what type of sensor?

Any help would be great.

Hello the water temp sensor is 12x1.5mm and the air temp needs to be added to a new location in the intake pipe just before the throttle body

i would buy the sensor then make the thread to suit the sensor with an alloy boss that could be supplied with the air sensor

Thanks mate, i really appreciate your help.

For what its worth I actually prefer to monitor the temp in the stock dash probe location (rear iron, next to the oil pressure sender) on a rotary rather than the sensor on the back of the water pump. It usually reads significantly higher as its just post combustion chamber and doesn't allow the water to cool when running past the 'cold' side of the water circuit next to the intake ports.

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