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Crankcase ventilation

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Hi, guys I would just like to ask if going to a dry sump oiling system can I in turn remove the pcv system completely, and conversely if I did opt to keep the wet sump what can I then do to improve upon the oem pcv system. Thank you in advance!

With a dry sump ideally you would seal up the engine and have a vacuum regulator on the valve cover to limit vacuum, but there would be no need for PCV

With a wet sump you can run the lines right to a can that vents to atmoshpere, or throguh the catch can back to the intake if you need to for emissions. The big catch is that on a track car the position of the vents often leaves oil pooling against them in corners. I had great success re-venting my valve cover at the top center where no oil could pool.

Thank you very much kevin on your input on the topic. I now understand the topic with more clarity.

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