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DCT control: Is HTG the best option?

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I’m looking to build a K24/DCT FRS using a BMW GS7 DCT. This car will be used in time attack and possibly autocross. I should also specify that this will be run on a Haltech nexus r5 and will be my first DCT car and I will likely have to tune the DCT myself. HTG was the first company that I looked at as they seem to be the biggest company in the DCT market, however as I started diving deeper into the discussions on the Facebook page and other pages like it I started noticing that many of their customers were unsatisfied and/or had ruined their transmission in the process of tuning it. I was then recommended to CanTCU since it used bmw software. So, I have to ask, is HTG the best option? What were your experiences with HTG and has another company proven superior in the market?

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