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Differential choices?

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Hi Guys

im looking to buy a differential for the time attack car im building (88mm turbo quad rotor) ive been looking at the 300zx tt 9 inch diffs but not a great selection lsd's are available.

Can anyone recommend other large oem manufacturer differentials with a good choice of lsd's available


The 9" Ford differential is probable THE most used performance diff' in the world.

Strange Engineering can do several different types of LSDs, even spools, and also offer high strength alloy carriers which should save you a some weight - those suckers are heavy! https://www.strangeengineering.net/product-category/ford-9-inch-third-member/

Quaife, IIRC, did a trick torsen type that included a small clutch type LSD to provide resistance when a tyre was unloaded, so the torsen still worked - but haven't seen it listed on their site for years - might still be worth enquiring if they did that (might be mis-remembering) and if so, if they still have the design on file for a special order?

There should be plenty of other options, with many offering different ramp angles options for plate types.

Have you tried checking some of the big US performance retailers, like

SUMMIT - https://www.summitracing.com/int/search/department/transmission-drivetrain/year/2000/make/ford/model/e-250-econoline/section/differential-rear-end-components/part-type/differential-carriers?N=section%3Adifferential-rear-end-components%2Bpart-type%3Adifferential-carriers&SortBy=default&SortOrder=Ascending

or Jegs - https://www.jegs.com/c/Brakes-Drivetrain_Differential/10149/10002/-1?N=1010149&Tab=GROUP&make=4294829830&model=4294829436&submodel=4294829426&year=4294829836

I think those should take you directly to the 9" pages.

Hi Gord

ive looked into those diffs and there are great but not readily available in ireland so with shipping and customs them become very expensive

was hoping to find something from bmw or similar

When you say you're looking for a BMW, or similar, one do you mean a diff'carrier housing? If so, you need to bear in mind the driveshafts and propellor shaft will still need to be custom made, and the mounting points for the diff' housing will still need to be modified.

Have you considered the Salisbury 4HA, as used by Jaguar for many decades in IRS form, it is pretty damn strong and should be up to the task - maybe with a cooler that is a good idea anyway? It should be available in car yards for a reasonable price, is available in a fair selection of ratios (used in beam axle form in many other British cars) if you need to mix and match for the right ratio, has several suppliers in the UK of different LSD types.

Regardless of what route you take, it's going to be expensive - the question is, do you pay the extra for something that will be strong enough, or a bit less in the hope it will work and risk having to do the whole job over again. Something else to factor in is the other costs of failure - possible vehicle damage if control is lost, wasted travel, entry and accommodation costs, etc.

I think you're doing the right thing, taking your time and making sure you make the best choice for you - incidentally, been following Rob Dahm's build? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChg9P8du8Ykqy6MbMK5jpzQ

Forgot, Heidt do an independent rear end for their domestic iron - they may sell the centre section on it's own to you?

ye ive been looking at his build hes gone with the winters diff shouldnt have any problems with that size diff

exactly i dont need to rush the choice of diff at the moment. want to make sure its right

alot of support for the bmw m3 210 diffs and there very reasonably priced and seem quite strong

Lot of hotrods and cobra replicas with the jag diffs. If going 9 inch wavetrac is a helical (torsen type 2) with a friction adder cam for low load situations.