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Drive by wire question

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On a recent discussion I had with a few friends the subject of drive by wire systems aren't capable of 100% throttle opening inspite of the throttle pedal being fully depressed. Some say 85% is all that it's capable others say 90 to 93% is maximum. I believe that it's 100% open whenever the accelerator pedal is fully depressed. What's the verdict on this?

I recently did a dyno test that proved for a particular engine we got more hp with the throttle blade just slightly shy of wide open.

Another thing to be aware of is some ECUS use throttle angle not %, so 0-90 vs 0-100.

I haven't yet seen a DBW Throttle Servo that will not open to at least 90 degrees to airflow, most will open slightly greater than that.

It all depends on how the throttle translation table is populated as to how much the ECU will command the throttle servo to open. I have seen in a number of the OEM throttle strategies that the only different in the "power" modes is the amount of throttle opening, and in some cases, the rates that the throttle opens compared to the pedal speed.

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