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Drive shaft angles / setup

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I'm getting to the juicy parts of my (VQ37 into E46) swap now and am setting the engine / trans position ready to start designing all of the mounts. I've watched some YouTube and read a bunch of the internet ... I *think* its looking pretty reasonable, but am looking for some opinion and confirmation from those who have done this before with good results etc.

Quite a tricky business working with the constraints in front of you ! Hopefully the image is clear as to whats happening, its a two piece drive shaft with a CV joint at the diff, a regular bearing in the centre support and the newly made piece will be a slip yoke into the trans with 1350 u-joints at each end.

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Hi David well done i also try and keep the angles under the 3 deg or less where possible this keeping the power loss to a minimum, it is very surprising when testing angles in relation to power loss on the dyno it makes a huge difference to the rwhp when going over the 3 deg point

Regards Ross

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