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Hi to all we have a M30b35 that we have installed a dry sump system stage 4 because some problems with oil starvation on the past (drift car) our question its about the vacuum since its a boosted engine (about 24 psi boost) should we keep it as it is (crank case vacuum regulator) or should we still vent to Oil catch can?

Another question we are using dbilas intake were the injectors are mounted 80mm before than the stock injectors is there any way of calculating the injection angle since its before the stock injectors?

Br Pedro Faia

Unless you are experiencing a lot of blowby, which would be a problem to investigate, there should be not that much more leakage to allow for.

I would still use the regulated air supply to the crankcase and monitor the crankcase pressure - you may wish, if possible, to monitor that with the ECU, as if you notice an increase you may catch a piston/ring problem before it gets too serious.

I initially mis-read the second part - are you asking if the start/finish point of the injector timing needs to be changed as the injector is further from the engine? I would expect not, but the engine will tell you when it's on the dyno'.


thanxs for your reply

yes i am monitoring the crank pressure with the ecu along with the oil pressure, about the timing for the injectors ill see that in the dyno as you refer.

Br pedro Faia

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