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dual plate clutch

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Hi all , I have an ACE dual plate clutch in my 2007 VE SS and have found it to be very finicky when moving off from standstill , it will shudder if the revs are not perfect every time , in comparison to my old HSV 427 single plate clutch which would pull with zero throttle from idle very smoothly. Any advice ideas please

I would work with the clutch provider. There may be other springs or clutch compounds that are more streetable. What you describe is what a lot of racing clutches feel like.

Can you provide some actual details on the clutch assembly? Ceramic and sintered can be a bit grabby, especially compared to organic. Higher spec' "race" friction plates will usually be rivetted directly to the hub plate, without the marcel spring that gives a more progressive transition from initial contact to full engagement, because the focus is on maximising torque capacity while minimising the moment of inertia. Because there may be a problem with the stacked height, and they add weight, hub springs are often left out too, but that shouldn't affect the takeup as much.

Ford / Chev Twin Plate Clutch Assembly | Mal Wood Automotive

was assembled as per these photos

Uh, that wasn't actually any help, as the procedure is about the same for all dual disc clutches and that was a generic instruction set..

If you did assemble it, did the friction linings look like that or did they have a metallic coppery colour? When looking at the friction plates edge on could you see a gap with a sort of wave between the linings? Did the friction plates have a similar series of springs around the hub?

the clutch in the pictures is the exact one i have in the car

Ah, if you look at pictures 7 & 9 in the guide, you can see there appears to be no Marcel spring, which is used to give a progressive engagement - they look like these - https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=clutch+marcel+spring. Without the spring the clutch will have a very abrupt take up, characterised by grabbing and chattering.

I'd suggest giving the supplier/manufacturer a call, or e-mail, to check if they're used in the clutch friction plates - sometimes they aren't used for a street car if there's a problem with tight clearances and, with a 'race' clutch, they're usually left out with the linings riveted/bonded to a flat plate because they aren't needed and just add weight and failure points.