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Dyno Running Cost?

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Researching starting up my own tuning shop in Victoria.

What sort of costs do you guys see running a dyno and fans etc?

Rough ideas would be appreciated.


hi Jake i have run a Dynapack hub dyno since 2007 and the running cost per month is less than $400 to run my shop inc compressor, fans, lights, etc and my dyno is running 4-6 hours a day on average,

i had a water brake before this and it was similar

i have never owned a eddie current dyno to know what they consume

Thanks Ross,

That's some good info.

Anyone Run an eddy current?

Eddy brakes have relatively low power requirements also. About 18A at 220V is the max mine will pull at full load absorbing something like 600HP (2WD). So say 4KW for short periods of time. My guess is fans would be the biggest draw in most decent dyno shops. My personal shop is quite open and my dyno is right in the doorway so I don't need any extraction or fresh air fans like some, but my main cooling fan is 10Kw and will run at that level most of the time.

Thanks Adam,

Much appreciated.

DynaPacks have a very low power draw, I have run mine using one of these (powered by the car that i was tuning through an anderson connection) when power was lost in the workshop and I needed to get the car finished that day.

The cooling fans are going to have a much higher draw current wise.

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