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Dynomax dynamometers infos

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Hello everyone,

I'm the owner of a performance shop in italy and the needs for a dyno increase day by day.

Does anyone have experience with this company? prices are really actractive but the quote of "you get what you pay for" keeps bouncing in my head.

Thanks for the help!!


Hello Giovanni,

I don't have experience with other dynos so take my words with a pinch of salt.

We have setup and are operating a 2000HP water brake absorber with the pro software and harness, the mechanical build quality is good, but the electrical control and software is capable but no intuitive and takes some getting used to, it also old (2004 ish), i personally think the software in the dyno world in general is outdated.

They have OK support and manual, but the were purchased by powertest / super flow last year and promises better service.

If on a budget, it gets the job done.

Feel free to ask anything.


I've looked at the dynomax option but i did not like the software.

i decided to go for a hub dyno solution using Sportdevices SP6 and KLAM CFK-550 Retarders. Just waiting for the retarders to arrive until we can assemble everything and give it a go with wide variety of cars.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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