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Hi guys so it been a while :) I recently had to strip my motor (CA18DET) due to cambelt snapping and apon doing this I noticed that there was signs of detonation on cylinder number 2 :( not sure what caused it guessing it might be a bad injector but thats a discussion for another day. My motor seems to be very knock limited so I would like to look into running E50 now my fuel pump can handle e85 and I can get hold of 800cc DW injectors I'm keen to push for a lot more power once I have rebuilt the motor. I've heard many pros and cons about ethanol. My questions are as follows:

1. What else do I need to change in order to run e50?

2. My car stands for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, will my e50 mix separate or absorb water into the tank causing a fuel starvation of some sorts?

3. Do I need to put any additives into E50 for lubrication?

4. Will I need to service my car on a more regular basis?

1: You should consider adding a flex fuel sensor like the GM 13577379 (Personally I would never run a blend without it)

2: It's not recommended to let ethanol in your tank for a long period of time. However, if you live in a very dry zone it should not be a problem.

3: No

4: Normally no.

As a side not, you should read this :


Just to add to what Ludo has mentioned, the amount of moisture the fuel will absorb is totally dependent on the humidity in your area. If humidity is very high, even 2-3 weeks will potentially allow the fuel to absorb a reasonable level of water.

E50 shouldn't require anything special in the way of maintenance. If you are running high ethanol percentages and a rich mixture often you will find that the oil ends up diluted with alcohol. This may require slightly more regular oil changes.

has any one looked into adding a desiccant type breather onto a fuel make to assist in moisture removal?

might assist with long term fuel storage, you would also need to fill the tank using a water removing funnel...

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