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I'm currently building a twin turbo (Precision PT6766) LS engine that will see 80% Drag & 20% street use. I was thinking about going with the Haltech Elite 2500. Does anyone have any feedback on this system?

Thanks Rick

We have an Elite 2500 ECU as one of the ECUs we regularly run in our Nissan 350Z. It has all of the required inputs/outputs to run a twin turbo LS engine.

If you haven't purchased yet I'd also suggest you consider the AEM Infinity as they offer a plug & play package with a harness for the LS engine - This might simplify your installation.

Thanks for the reply. I thought Haltech made a plug n play harness as well. Is the AEM a better unit? I have not purchased yet and I'm looking for advice from the pros...

Other than the Harness is there any other reason why I should choose AEM Infinity over the Haltech Elite 2500?

I have been supporting customer drag car (6.7xx @ 334kph v8 tt) on Elite2500 ecu this whole season. While there are definately many good things about this platform, there`re also many annoying things too. I think hardware of this ecu is very potential for future software updates, but for now sw seemed a bit green for me. Going online and downloading datalogs is very time consuming compared to other systems i`ve been working with. There are also enough bugs. We were fighting whole season to get clear sampling of individual EGTs and could not fix this issue. With sw/fw version we have been using, we had no option for timer that is very essential functionality in drag racing for making good optimal setup for first 60 and 330ft. Also i`ve not been confident enough to make firm update during the race season since it is not ecu i am using a lot.

I`d suggest to take a look to FuelTech systems. It`s specifically drag dedicated ecu and gaining a lot of popularity lately. Personally i`ve not any practical experience with it yet, but i am almost sold and actually excited to try it. You can download software and take a look. For me first impression was good, that`s rare thing for me :)

@Samvel Thank you for the input!

I would also check LINK or Motec. Links Thunder or Xtreme are a great choise for your application. There is enough freedom to set timers, general purpose functions etc. and has really good logging capabilities. More than enough ECU for propably 98% of the users.

If you are going to spent alot of time into data analysis or are even a professional and want log with up to 5000hz, export to Matlab/Simulink, Visual basic, MS excel ect. you can't go away on MoTec.

It's even possible to write your own ECU firmware with a MoTec built package.

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