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Good day all. I need some important advise. I am rebuilding my subaru engine. I think I made a big mistake. I applied assembly lube to both sides of my main and rod bearings. Is that going to cause a problem? Both sides meaning the side that sits on the engine block and the side that the crank sits on. And the side that sits on the rod and the side that the crank sits on. HELP PLEASE. so I need to tear down my engine and clean off the lub from one side before I go further

You will need to, yes - partly because it can affect the clearances a little, MOSTLY because the crush fit of the bearing shell (they are slightly larger than the bore they're fitted in and 'clamped'in place) won't work AND a clean interface between the shells and their housings plays an important part in removing the heat build up in the bearing!

At least you realised your mistake and asked for advice - it's all learning. FWIW, when I was an apprentice mechanic, some decades ago, there was one 'mechanic'who would use locktite on the back of the bearing shells - he wasn't what I would call a good one - he had a rather high number of 'returns', of one sort or another.

Also DO NOT SPAM the forums - it not only pisses people off, but I know some moderators on other forums who suspend accounts for it and ban those who persist.

Those that set up this forum messed up the reporting of posts link, so I would suggest you report at least one of your other posts and, respectfully, request they remove the others.

good morning all i am so sorry about sending all that post. i didn't know that happened. i actually send the post from my cell phone and when i hit post it didn't respond so i hit post a few times. its only now i am seeing all the post. i am trying to delete it. once again sorry all and thanks for pointing it out to me Gord.

also thanks for your input on my situation. everybody is saying i need to clean off the oil for different reasons.

one of your reason was cooling, but isn't oil going to aid in cooling?

someone else told me clearance.

another question is....... isn't oil going to get between the bearing shell and the block surface it sits on anyway when the engine is operating?

lastly can someone tell me how to delete some of these post?

You're right, the oil passing through the bearing does a lot of the cooling, but there are also the heat sinks of the engine block and the 'rod material which draw heat out of the back of the shells as well.

Agreed, there will, I expect, be a very thin film that capilliary action drawn between the shell and the housing, but that would be after the shells are forced against the bores, so initial contact wouldn't be compromised - not something I have followed up on, perhaps further investigation is warranted?

At the bottom of every post one makes, there should be an option to delete the post. Been caught like that sending texts, myself.

ok. thanks for your help, i have already disassemble the engine to clean off the oil, i didn't want to take the risk because i have spent a lot of time and money on this engine. i if was ever to rebuild an engine for one of my older cars i will be the test subject and try oiling both sides of the bearing shell and see what results. of course if nothing happens it doesn't mean that i boosted car will give the same results.

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