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some may think that this topic may be a bit weird to address, but does anyone has a concern about the future of electric cars?

I mean if they are really the future of automobiles and some of us (specially the young generation) like myself are just starting a career in EFI tuning and looking to invest in a dyno costing tens of thousands of dollars plus equipment and ect.. it makes you rethink all of this

plus some countries stated that in 2025 or 2035 no petrol or diesel cars can be registered..

any opinions about the topic is welcome!

Combustion powered enthusiast vehicles will be around for a while yet, the "shopping trolley" market will shift to electric faster than sports/serious 4x4. Anyone doing significant modification to electric powertrain vehicles will still want a dyno to test behavior under load anyhow. We use plc controllers for IC engines, electric isn't entirely different, you are still looking to control torque delivery, protect components, manage heat and provide good driving feel.

It's going to be easier to step across to EVs from EFI when the time comes (IF it comes to that) than it will be to have not done anything at all before that.

I personally managed a small fleet of electric scooters for a short period of time in the past and I can tell you that there are still many, many flaws that need to be sorted before they become completely mainstream, but it's exciting to see it all happen, slowly!

so do you guys think that it's possible to continue with an EV tuning career?

Depends on your market I guess. I can't really comment from experience but if it was something I was personally considering I wouldn't be overly optimistic that there is much of a career to be had in the aftermarket at this point in time and as above I'd be looking to sidestep into it from a related industry or looking at tertiary education to end up at the OEM level (but also checking to see what the demand is first).

That is just from my own limited experience and knowledge. If you spend some time researching and reaching out to a few companies you might find your own opinion to be different :)

You might also be interested in this: https://www.onpointdyno.com/bluelightning/

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