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Electric connection for in-tank fuel pump

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I there,

I need to build a Swirl Pot/Fuel Surge Tank with internal fuel, anyone have a suggestion for how to pass the wire/cable from external thought the swirl for power up the pump?

I look around the web, but I can't find something good for me...

Thanks to All


I researched this a few months back for a customer of mine. Here's what I found in the USA:

and either this:

or this:

Summit Racing also has a simple wire pass-through that might be all you need (US$24):

I went through this a couple of months back with our 86. I ended up purchasing the parts from Radium Engineering in the US:

Here is another simple and effective one:

Hi All,

sorry for this big delay...thanks for all the links and suggestion!!!

Maybe I've find a way for my problem, still waiting the parts needed for realize my idea, and then I will show you the project!