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Evacuating Refrigerant in AC

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I have a 2015 sti that I am currently building, it has no motor, transmission, etc so I can't bring it to a shop to get the refrigerant out of the ac system to I can remove it from the engine bay. How should I go about removing it?

Hi Daniel,

Here in Australia we have mobile automotive air conditioning technicians that are able to safely evacuate the refrigerant before disconnecting the lines.

Although it's tempting don't just let the gas off into the air, it can be very harmful to humans and the environment. Plus captain planet will hate you.

As Scott said, you should have a company that can drain the coolant in your area. if you can't find someone on-line or through your version of the "yellow pages" buisness phone book, try calling some of your local A/C companies as they will have need to drain building A/C and so have to be mobile.

If you can give your town and state, someone may even be able to make a specific recommendation to you.

I would like to commend you in doing this properly, even if there is some cost to you.

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