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Hello, i have done tuning on 1.8 turbo engine, full forged engine. It have around 7.5-8.0:1 ratio.

I cant it meausre on dyno, (bad tyres - spinn) but can anyone estimate some power output. Car is brutal, but has no idea of HP/PS. 2200cc injectors, Atmo cam, HX40 turbo, 1.9bar in full. 0,71-/,73 lambda and 6 to 8deg ignition on that boost. Fuel is e85.

Has anyone got similar tuning so can tell me some numbers...

There are simply too many variables to be able to give you an accurate answer unfortunately. The HX40 compressor wheel is capable of around 700 hp but a couple of major factors that will affect your actual performance are the VE of the engine and the tuning. With no more details on the engine I'd take an educated guess that your AFR and ignition timing are both quite conservative which would move you away from the peak power potential of the turbo. I would take a guess that you're likely to be in the 500-550 hp vicinity but couldn't get more accurate than that. Perhaps try virtual dyno if you can get it to hook up on the road/

Hey, tnx for answer but i need to edit, turbo is hx35W, not 40.

What do you think, is it timing to retarded? also i try 2.5bar on this setup, same lambda, ignition is on 2.5bar - around 3 to 4deg.

Also, in VE something messed up, trying from 60-70%, car wont run, too lean, 100% - afr on idle is 18, on 133% afr is around 13-14.

VE in full boost around 220-230%.

With previous injectors (1000cc) VE in full was 130-140%, idle was 60-63%. I dont know what happened with new injectors, i put dead times, and in ecu i write those injectors 2200cc, and there was problem with VE, needed to be doubled.