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Firmware updates for car modules

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Hey guys,

I know a mechanic that claims he can update the car module's firmware with a Launch Diagun IV -for a fee. It's not coding, he says he checks the firmware version on each of the car's modules (ABS, DME, BCM etc) and then downloads new software and update the firmware - all over OBD2, in a couple of minutes - for almost every car brand.

I'm a little skeptical about this and decided to ask here. Does anyone know if that's even possible? Does anyone ever did this?

Thanks in advance.

Most embedded devices (i.e. car modules, blue-ray players, anything with a microprocessor inside), have firmware that can be updated. For car modules, it very common for the update to be done over the OBD2 port. So this is completely believable. Dealerships certainly do this for new cars, but I'm not surprised if there is some third-party service that a shop use to allow what the mechanic is claiming.