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Fuel Injection Testing Machines

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I'm considering starting a fuel injection flow testing/cleaning/dead-time testing service. I've never run my own service or shop before, so I apologize for the naivete in my questions,

Any advice on what machines to look at? I see them all over Amazon, but I'm a bit suspicious of the super cheap machines.

What pitfalls do I need to avoid if I want to do something like this?

There's a very large difference between an injector test/cleaning machine and one that can perform proper characterisation of injector performance. Most of those machines on the market will not be much help in the characterisation aspect and those who are doing this work like MoTeC and Injector Dynamics have developed their own bespoke test equipment.

If you do want a machine for testing injector flow then I'd suggest looking at the products from ASNU as they are a reputable brand from a recognised manufacturer.

Andre, thanks for the info. I'll look into it.

What is it that the standard flow test machine lacks? Is it the ability to accurately read the very low PW flow characteristics?

The basic injector testers give no really useful date at all other than comparing one injector against another

Spray pattern and relative flows can still help a lot however if fault finding

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