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hey im working on a 2003 evo 8 and im building a 700awhp engine. The engine is pretty much done. my question is what all do i need to make sure the engine have enough fuel and wont be starve of fuel? like all the component needed for it to be able to 100%

You could just determine the necessary requirements from the injector sizes. See this thread:


ok looks like the parts i planned to get will work.

what about the all components needed in the fuel system? i know i need injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter. what else is there? fuel plumbing kit?

If you’re going for big numbers then you will have to increase the size of your feed and return lines, usually going to JIC-8 should give you enough headroom. In addition to the plumbing the fuel rail might need to be replaced for something aftermarket with more capacity, if you have space to do so I’d alway recommend fitting a fuel pulse damper as this helps give a more stable fuel supply. Also depending on the OEM wiring you may need to add another power supply/relay etc or increase the current capacity of the OEM wiring.

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