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FUEL SYSTEM TESTER, pressure, flow E85, 0-5volt out even can if possible

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I've been getting allot of issue's of the fuel systems being very poor and letting me down under boost.

this is frustrating for me and my customer, as this add's time and cost to the tune.

I'm looking for a fuel system tester and only found one that meets what i need but it's pricey, what have other people purchased?

I'm looking at "Flow lab FL-1" see attached manual



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Hey MCR,

The fuel lab FL-1 was actually developed by Dave at Dtech Motorsport after getting frustrated by not being able to find something similar on the market.

It's a great product which we use often (and have wired into the dyno so we can log Flow during a dyno pull) while tuning.

Other than that I have also used just a standard fuel pressure gauge (although doesn't help with fuel flow) and the old fuel return into a bucket trick to work out liters during a dyno run haha.

Would love to hear and compare other products people are using.

Hello Chris

Yes i have and use a fuel pressure gauge, but this fails when you tune all the mid range unless your looking at the gauge constantly and judge the rising rate of every fuel pressure regulator . I've done the bucket approach too, safety and accuracy is the issue there.

I find by the time your starting to tune the full throttle full load the fuel system rears it's ugly head and then the mid range needs tuning again after repair of the fuel system.

So many people have come to me for a tune and i ask what they have done to the fuel system.

They all swear by it's a Genuine walbro/AEM/Deutch fuel pump and when it is it's great but this is adding allot of cost to a tune that i'm wanting to solve the problem before i start tuning.

Funny thing is i spend allot of time working out what part is restricting power but everyone like's shopping around for the cheaper parts, so solving this issue quickly and selling them a real fuel pump will make me money the correct way, not messing around finding issue's while tuning.

Thanks anyone as i'm sure i'm not the first to be looking into this

This is the number one issue I come across when tuning cars.


I can understand your frustrations with getting part way through a tune then finding a fuel system issue only having to start all over again.

The Flow Lab is quite good in the way it will help you find an issue quickly before you get to far into the tune. Especially if you wire it into the dyno and have it logging flow live while tuning.

To help limit time lost and find fuel system issues (or other issues for that matter) I tend to get an engine running, idling nicely, create a map which I know roughly will be correct then get straight into full power runs (providing its not a fresh engine). It may start off with a run or 2 to 4000rpm etc if it goes lean or knocks, but if I can and its safe I will carry out a full run. I will typically make it rich and with not much timing so I can get a full run in then start pulling out fuel and add timing. Once I get the full power done I will extrapolate that down into the cruise areas then work on them. Anyway, the point of this (starting at full power runs) is it will show me if there is a fuel system issue quickly, usually within 10-20min of tuning, also I don't end up losing a lot of time tuning the mid range only to have to start again, saving myself time and the customer money. It also enables me to ensure I have my fuel table resolution correct and don't need to change my master number if my values are to low.

Hello Chris

The way I was tort was to get the low end write then judge further up to mid range and so on to high load range obviously staying rich with little timing (safe timing), i'll try doing a low end then high load on my next tune, ordered a link today for a Silvia that i'm sure it will have a junk fuel pump (Even tho it says walbro on it), there's a lot of issue's with this car but will update with my findings as when I've sorted then


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