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Fuel Tank & Swirl Pot Locations

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Really looking for some advise and thoughts from others regarding one of the projects I have ongoing at the moment.

I'm currently building a road/track R53 mini, which is being converted to a turbo setup (from supercharger) which will be running around 450/500bhp.

It is being built specifically to use at Nurburgring track days but also be road registered in the UK.

Although I'm happy with 90% of the project and the direction it is going, one thing I am having difficulty with is the fuel system.

The existing system is a returnless system which isnt going to work for my needs.

I have always planned to run an external aluminium tank located roughly where the rear seats used to be, alongside a swirl pot with external pumps.

The stumbling block is that I was hoping to build the car to Motorsport UK specifications should I ever wish to use it in hill climbs or sprint events, however this states the fuel tank must "Have a bulkhead between any fuel tank and filler, and the driver/passenger compartment sufficient to prevent the passage of flame or liquid."

If anyone has any possible solutions that they could think of to this I would love to hear them!

Thanks in advance


Build a removable box (bulkhead) that covers the fuel cell, and additional plumbing. You can seal small gaps with aluminum tape to prevent the "passage of liquid". In our SCCA Club racing in the US, you often see dzus fasteners used to hold aluminum bulkhead panels in place.

Here is a picture of a Miata with the fuel cell located in the passeger seat area, protected by the type of bulkhead I'm suggesting:


Notice the little flip-up door with access to the fuel cell filler cap.

Thanks David, that's exactly the type of thing I'm looking for!

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