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Future Link "ThunderX" pinout

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Howdy folks!

I contacted link through their Instagram page a day ago about the availability of the Link ThunderX upcoming ECU. At least I assume it's still upcoming, depending on the major changes the supply chain has caused. Anyway, I haven't seen a response (still just a day ago), but I thought I'd ask here anyway.

For some of the other models that have transferred over to the "X" architecture, are the pinouts the same? If I was in the middle of trying to design a ahrness based on the G4+ Thunder connector assignments, is it somewhat safe to say that compatability wouldn't be an issue? I'm starting harness construction now, but as I'm VERY new to this, I don't anticipate actually needing to have the ECU in my hands for another couple of months.


Build is for a 3.7L VQ35HR with 2 knock, 4 cam and 1 crank sensor, as well as two DBW throttle bodies, so I'm kind of stuck with the Thunder as opposed to something lesser.

Hello at this stage there is no plan to make a thunder x

I don't think that's good news, but at least it's news!

Does that mean there are plans to make something that would replace it, or am I safe to buy the Thunder in a couple of months and not have something come out soon after that kicks it down the road to obsoletion?

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