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Just a suggestion. Can you create and display a section called Glossary of Terms?

For instance MAP MBT etc.... Post the term and definition of what it refers too. This way if watching a video and we are missing a definition we can easily visit the glossary and get the meaning.

I realize this is a online way of learning but sometimes printed materials will help.

A booklet that we can download would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

With so many being used, sometimes similar acronyms for different applications, it isn't a bad idea.

If you enter "guide to automotive acronyms" into your prefered search engine, you will get plenty of hits. For example - or this which has over 3000 acronyms -

Some can be even be downloaded as PDF files to be printed out.

Thank you for your response and I did visit these sites. I was hoping more for the terms that Andre refers to. It would not be that hard for HPA to write down each term with a meaning and we can print it out. Maybe 20 or so.

Has anyone from HPA seen my request and will you consider creating a glossary as suggested?