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Good Intercooler cores?

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Hey all, The stock intercooler on my R32 GTR has copped a beating over the years (alot of damaged fins) Im handy with the TIG welder/fabrication and was thinking of just re-coreing it rather then buying a complete new intercooler.

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a well designed core and/or whats your opinion on bar/plate - tube/fin.

Then once decided on brand Ill need to decide on size, Stock I beleive is 600x300x60mm I would be able to modify the end tanks a little to suit different size cores maybe up to 600x350x76mm but just wondering how to work out what size I need (want to future proof it for my plans, about 500rwhp) will the stock size support this?

Is re-coreing the stock cooler a sound idea or just spend twice as much and get a complete cooler

I did find a few already, the Bell and PWR ones are close to $600 but the proflow is only $200ish, why the big difference.!

There's pros and cons to bothe tube and fin and bar and plate cores if you want to spend a little time on google. It's generally accepted that the bar & plate construction is better for a performance application running high boost however the downside is weight (which actually in a round about way can be seen as an advantage as there's more thermal mass for the IC to absorb heat initially). I've actually used both with great results and personally believe the specific core you choose is more critical than the construction technique. For example we used a lot of chinese intercooler corse in the 600 x 300 x 76 and 600 x 300 x 100 size which were a bar & plate construction. These originally were well constructed and worked exceptionally well on the dyno. The supplier in China then changed the design and reduced the internal fins inside the intercooler so that you could basically see straight through the core. This reduced the heat transfer and made the intercoolers useless so we had to find a new source.

The size you'll need depends a lot on how much heat you're putting into the air, and this will depend on the boost you're running and the efficiency of the compressor at that boost level. I've tuned several R32 GTRs running in the 500 whp vicinity with a 600 x 300 x 76 core and had good control of the inlet temp. Provided you have sufficient room then there's often little downside to a larger core though. Unless you're pretty hand on ther fab side of things, fitting the stock end tanks to a 600 x 300 x 100 core might be a little tough though.

Thanks Andre :) Any opinion on the difference between the $500 PWR cores and $200 proflow cores.

I've used a couple of PWR intercoolers with great results but never used a proflow so can't comment on them sorry.

ARC make really good intercoolers. very expensive but very high quality with very high thermal performance off the shelf. You can buy cores from them then make your own end tanks, or buy one of their designed ones.

There is a mob in QLD called ARE which apparently make really good cores however i have not yet tried one, but I've heard nothing but praise from the racing guys which use their cores. They also do all the water-to-air and distributed systems also.

the reason the big price difference is quality and performance, thats why its $200. those ones are really cheap chinese ones. they sell em dirt cheap because they are cheap. Your beaten up GTR core will be better.