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Great information but having a hard time extrapolating basics into ECU

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I love the site, and have enjoyed the classes I have watched. Initially I was super excited but after launching the latest HP tuners build, reviewing the latest Ford virtual VE equivalent, and seeing a very complicated interface I have concerns. I have looked for and tried to find worked examples however the content, and focus might be a bad match. There is a level of knowledge to interpret my ecu functions to the basics, that I don’t have, and I don’t see HPA getting into for many good reasons. I never thought in a million years I would use the guarantee but I am afraid I am considering it now. I think my needs are to specialized for general info.

The Whipple gen 3 has a 93 calibration making 750 plus at the rear wheel on the stock motor. I think I am just going to do that and forget tuning the car myself. I will continue looking for a source of additional Ford info. I think the webinars here are awesome and I would definitely like to stay gold. I have gained knowledge so a full refund would be unethical however I do think the curriculum is more narrow than I had imagined.

I think this was made clear when I opened up the stock tune file in the reflash software. Torque tables, sources, and options everywhere that don’t seem to translate into what I thought I knew.

I think if your running a stand alone, or dealing with the platforms used here there is no better way to go.

In my eyes there a two key components to sucessfully tune a engine.

First you need a good understanding of the thermal process which going on in an engine to interpret data and you need the methods how to tune different engine parameters like ignition timing, main fuel, injector timing, compensation tables etc.

Second you need to know which table you have to modify to get the excpected changes.

HPA is teaching mainly the first point, which is in my eyes much much more important and is an absolut must if you want write sucessfully your own maps. Point one needs also much more training and time, but If you get this nailed down, you can apply this knowledge to any ECU platform and combustion engine.

The second point gets much easier if yo've got the knowledge and expirience from point one. Depending on popularity of the ECU It can be difficult to find informations about the maps and it needs some testing and development work at your own. It's always a good idea to ask here and on platform specific forums. It's understandable not possible for HPA to deliver specific courses for any of the increasing number of ECU tuning platform which is available at the market. But as time goes on they add more courses covering the most popular ECU tuning platforms.

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