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GTR X-Country Trip

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Hey lads

Since im moving from Perth to Tasmania I decided to take the GTR across.

I had only just done a closed door respray a few months prior so in the interests of protecting the paint I was choosing between either plastidip or Vinyl wrap... until I saw a pic of the 1991 ATCC Bathurst winning GTR which got me thinking. after a few emails I found a sponsor to supply to individual stickers for me (Cheers to Steve at stickerstudio.com.au) so all I had to do was sort out the basic red, white and blue.

So me and the missus did that in the last 4 days before we left and im absoultely wrapped with the result!

We actually left on the 21st Sep and are currently in Whayalla, not too far from Adelaide


Cocklebiddy, Just picking up a back load:

SA / WA Border:

Car has been perfect so far and getting around 11.5-12.5 L per 100km and lots of funny looks :)

Stopping in at Bathurst Tomorow :D

This is the best thing I have ever seen!

Cheers Chris,

forgot to add a photo from just before we wrapped it... also from when I first got the car and had the original paint

Went through Bathurst today, weather was a little shitty but the rain held off long enough to get a few pics. Would be a awesome track to run full tilt on! Unfortunately the track is signposted at 60kph and saw 2 different cop cars in the short time we were there!

Pole Position :D

Extremely happy with the GTR, Over 8000km across all but one of Australia's Territory's with the only issues we had being:

-Clutch clevis pin popped out, must have been missing the split pin (5 minute fix)

-Horn jammed on when I turned steering full lock, have not investigated why yet, just pulled the relay for now (1 min temp fix)

-One of the adjustable castor suspension arms unwound itself after we went off road for about an hour down one of the tracks SIRI sent us down making the steering wheel 1/4 way off center (15 min fix)

-Close call with a small roo/other car

-Too low for the crazy eastern states driveways that dip 1000meters into the gutter, even tho the car isn't that low! (scratched up the front lip)

Best we got was 11.3L / 100km with the average around 11.7L/100

She's a beauty!

Can you share some more details on this beast? Modifications, power, drag times etc?

I love the look, she certainly brings back some memories!



Thanks Matt...

Since I knew I was moving to Tasmania before I bought the car and knowing I would have to pass pits once I moved here I kept mods to a minimum and to what I could swap back to stock easily.

So currently running the stock ceramic wheel turbos with a Haltech PNP on a 4D Tune altho the MAF's are still in place so engine bay looks stock, Made just shy of 300rwhp on 14psi with only real performance mod being the split stainless dumps, 3" exhaust with twin mufflers and twin pod filters.

Is my first GTR and actually quite disappointing in the sluggish response with boost not really coming on until 3k. I always imagined a ITB engine with twin turbos would be quite responsive but compared to my old R33 with the stock single turbo its a lag monster... Still convinced something is not quite right but never driven another stock turbo GTR to compare it to.

Chassis wise have replaced a few balljoints/bushes, Subframe lock spacers, adjustable rear camber, traction arms. Tien coil overs, adjustable front camber/castor arms andHicas delete. Rebuilt the rear diff

Also replaced a whole bunch of little clips/rubbers/interior pieces etc just trying to bring it up to new showroom spec.

Once I get it registered here Ill be changing to a single turbo but my final plan is to Build at least a 30/26 but if money permits a 34/26.

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