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H pattern box, sequential shifter

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I've just came across this company and their product looked sound:


Andre has mention he used an H pattern box in Docile before with a sequential conversion. Has anyone else came across similar product and have you used them?

Interesting! It seems like the first aftermarket iteration of BMW's SMG 1&2. However, the sales copy said it worked with"cable-action" boxes, it didn't mention anything about lever-action, unless I missed it. Cool product nonetheless.

Chris, I might be wrong but I think Andre was referring to something like the Ikeya Formula sequential shifter (push pull stick), not a paddle shifter.

Interesting find Chris!

The system I ran was just a modified Ikeya Formula sequential shifter on my H pattern dog box. It worked pretty well to be fair. We modified this system and incorporated an air ram to convert to pneumatic push button shifting on another EVO we built but this still relied on the Ikeya. I'd be a little suspicious of how well any of these systems would work with a synchromesh box though - Generally the shift is too fast and will damage the synchro over time.

The Early Subaru WRC cars had a similar system when they first went to paddle shift. The shift lever was still in place and the box was a H pattern design as the drivers wanted the ability to override the paddle shift system as it wasn't as fast as the current systems, and the lever in place allowed for them to be able to go from 6th to 2nd into hairpin quickly, without having to go through each gear as would be needed with a sequential. The lever being in place also meant that when the system failed, the drivers were still able to finish the stage.

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