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Help choosing a suitable PDM (MaxxECU, AEM, ECUMaster, etc.)

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My build consists of a 1.5JZ controlled by a MaxxECU and a AIM digital dash at this moment and it's time to consider what PDM that I am going to choose. The outputs that have come to mind is (with reservation for additional outputs):

- Fuel pump

- Wipers

- Indicators

- Start/Stop

- Radiator fans

- Headlights

Now this is edging close to the limit of the AEM PDU-8 and thus the ECUMaster PMU-16 might be a better choice given that they are basically the same price. Given the choice of ECU then the MaxxECU PDM-20 "should" be a given choice, with given the price tag of about 1500 eur compared to the AEM and ECUMaster of around 1000 eur it is food for thought.

Choosing anything other than the MaxxECU would of course require more initial setup time given different software, but I doubt that time would offset the 500 eur. The MaxxECU is also not compatible with any other ECU suite as I understand that both AEM and ECUMaster is.

While the AEM might be able to house my current needs, I also want to make sure that I don't paint myself into a corner but have room to expand without having to "daisy chain" additional units, thus I am leaning towards the ECUMaster PDU.

Bottom line; one can only read so many spec cheats with limited in depth knowledge about these devices so I am looking for advice and additional things to consider in choosing a PDM?

Thanks in advance HPA! :D

As I understand the Maxx PDM is locked to the Maxx ecu and its software. I haven't actually used a Maxx PDM yet but I have use many others on the market.

Other important note here is that the PDU-8 is a slave unit, all the logic and control is designed to be handled by an AEM CD dash or VCU. Neither the Maxx ecu or AIM dash are capable of giving the AEM PDU-8 what it needs to function correctly imo. Now the AIM PDM08 is a different story.

Ecumaster PMU-16 is in my opinion the best one out there. I have recently completed an install of one with a Maxx ecu and had no issues. Granted there's some CAN bus comms to set up but nothing outside the norm. I would also be putting the starter, ignition coils, ecu and injectors on it and basically any other critical to engine running electrical devices on it.

Thanks for the input Tyson! I didn't know that the PDU-8 was a "dumb" device in that regard. Given that the price of the PDU-8 and PMU-16 are virtually the same, I think the answer is quite clear, to go with the PMU-16.

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