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Hello guys and gals, anyone playing with the holley sniper efi ?.

i have done a bit with them

I would love to see a course on these,I follow a group on facebook and tons of people are having problems with set up.

Hi Joseph,

I have installed a sniper set up, and I found the Holley Forum to be very good for trouble shooting specific issues with Holley sniper. But the Courses with HPA was a must have back ground knowledge for me. it really has helped with the set up. E.g. in my application (stock 351 Cleveland) I found the target AFR suggested with the initial set up in the sniper to be way too rich. esp at Idle. (Though I think with a mild street cam the suggested figures might be closer)

I also found the most of the problems came back to not following the instructions correctly. Especially when it came to Hyper Spark ignition control.