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Honda EP3 Cold Start Engine Noise

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Hi there people!

Thank you to all in advance for any tips and information regarding this matter. I changed my timing chain, tensioner, guides and o rings on my K20 EP3 and after that sometimes in cold starts in the morning( winter season as well) it makes like a rattling noise for like 2 seconds, chain noise maybe? I checked the timing and it was ok. Car starts fine when hot and run. I do wonder if the o ring part number


which i replaced maybe fallen out of place while fitting the case cover back on? Is that o ring on the case cover for the oil gallery? Hence maybe not maintaining oil pressure overnight??

Many thanks again to all!

Difficult to identify without actually hearing the engine, but there is a spring loaded ratchet built into the cam chain tensioner which should prevent any significant rattle. Could it be hydraulic cam' adjusters leaking down overnight - can't recall if they're hydraulic or mechanically adjusted on those engines.

Hi there Gord,

Much appreciated for the answer regarding the matter. I ve done some looking up as well and it seem to be vtc gear leaking down overnight. Will pay attention to see how it goes as its not making the noise now and update as this might be useful to others hopefully.

Thank again my man all the best!

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